TTO was founded in Sarajevo in 1962 within the company Unioninvest in which it operates till 2000. Since then it is privatised and starts with independent work as technological equipment company.

On our palette of products there is wide spectrum of products from inox (stainless steel,edelstahl), black steel, aluminium, alloy steel and of products made of other materials in combination with steel. All our products are tested according to the internationally accepted standards.

We are experts in the making of pressure vessels, tanks and pipelines, as in metal constructions.
We use sandblasting, powder coating and wet coating of our products with high standards.
In the recent time we are more and more present in the furniture segment (blacksteel and inox steel), fine locksmithing and production of inox food equipment, inox and blacksteel fences as in making of blindo doors.
We are activeon the international market for over 10 years, and about 60-70% of our production is for the need of the EU.
We are also owners of international certificate for quality ISO 9001:2008, as of EN:ISO certificate for welding and pressure vessels.

Our power is top quality of our products and the complete pleasure of our customers.