The basic activity of TTO is divided into three groups :

1. Production of equipment made of construction steel (black steel)
- steel constructions
- reservoirs for liquid fluids
- tanks for petrol stations
- pressure vessels
- fences and doors
- industrial water heaters
- pipelines and flanges
- heat exchangers

2. Production and montage of equipment of inox steel(stainless steel, edelstahl, rostfrei)
- tanks and pressure vessels
- pipes and piping systems
- fences and doors
- landings and doormats
- hovels, sunshades, shining advertising panels
- food equipment and benchboards
- overlaying of elevators, battens, dilatations

3. Making and montage aluminium lock-smith works
- vessels and tanks
- battens, fences
- pipes
- windows, doors, portals and barriers